Blade Rack Design and Seafastening Structures Seafastening and grillages

Image of  Blade Rack Design and Seafastening Structures

Next generation wind turbines

Blade Rack Design and Seafastening Structures Seafastening and grillages

Next generation wind turbines

SGRE is preparing to install a large number of wind turbines with the B94 and B97-type blades, and was looking for a cost-effective solution to transport the blades from the port to the offshore wind farm. To avoid having to design a different blade rack for each wind farm project, the system had to be modular. 

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam has been contracted for the design of the modular blade rack. The solution was found in upscaling the existing B81 blade rack (designed by Vuyk) and reusing most of the existing designs and available equipment. Each module carries three blades above each other. In a blade rack suitable for multiple WTG’s the modules are coupled.

Cadeler, a frontrunning Danish offshore wind contractor, is selected to transport and install the Wind Turbine Generators (WTG’s) for the Hollandse Kust Zuid Offshore Windfarm. The SGRE WTG’s are of the SG 11 .0-200DD type, which will be transported using the new modular blade rack design. The mobilization and loading location will be the Maasvlakte, port of Rotterdam with the Cadeler vessel Wind Osprey. 


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Besides the blade rack design, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam has also been contracted for the designs of the support grillages and sea fastenings on board the Wind Osprey. The following seafastening structures were designed:

  • Tower grillage: 4 towers, including access and bolt handling systems
  • Blade rack substructures  
  • Nacelle seafastening grillage; using SGRE nacelle transport frame on deck grillage
  • Blade yoke seafastening
  • Nacelle yoke seafastening
  • Tower yoke/gripper seafastening

With this complete design package, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam has proven to be ready for the next generation wind turbines. 

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