Vuyk green

Engineering your goals towards green sustainable shipping

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam supports the global shipping industry to achieve goals towards sustainable shipping. We provide our expertise to significantly reduce and minimise emissions and optimize efficiency. Not in 30 years, not in 10 years. But starting today. Our aim is to make a targeted contribution to solving your maritime challenges. This is Vuyk Green.

Maximize green energy efficiency of vessels

Ships can consume more fuel than necessary due to imperfect design. Reducing environmental impact begins with maximizing the efficiency of vessels.

Green Efficiency

Supporting the transition to zero emission vessels

The transition to zero emission vessels is a challenge for the maritime sector, as huge floating constructions have to be moved all around the world. Especially for work vessels, which have to operate under heavy conditions at specific operational requirements.

Zero Emission

Green solutions for emission reduction in shipping

Green fuels are a proven solution for emission reduction. Due to IMO’s 2050 emission reduction goals, the maritime industry is facing challenges.

Green Emission Reduction Solutions

Sustainable shipping starts with sustainable use

Besides measures to improve the efficiency of ships, reduce emissions and save fuel, we also look at maritime operational alternatives. Green measures that help minimise environmental impact. 

Green Measures

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